Rex Burkhead says he's healthy as he looks past quiet AFC Championship, ahead to Super Bowl


FOXBORO — Rex Burkhead celebrated a full week of not injuring Tom Brady in practice by holding court with media members Friday. 

The topics were the usual — prep for the Super Bowl, what it’s like to face the Patriots and then join them during this run, etc. — but the most important question Burkhead could answer these days (other than “are you going to injure Tom Brady again?”; that wasn’t asked) was about his health. 

After all, one of the eyebrow-raisers from last week’s AFC Championship win over the Jaguars was that Burkhead had a season-low three snaps in his return from a knee injury. 

Of course, there’s always uncertainty in a player’s first game back; it just seemed safe to assume he’d have more than one rush for five yards and a target that he didn't catch. 

At any rate, Burkhead says he’s healthy. 

“I’m feeling good,” Burkhead. “I’m good.” 

Asked about the low snap count, Burkhead said he does “whatever the coaches want” him to do. 

They want him to play well when healthy, something for which Burkhead certainly hopes as he plays in his first Super Bowl. 

They also want him to not injure Tom Brady, but there’s only time you can make that reference in a short post. 


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