Revis ranks behind Sherman on NFL Top 100 list


This won't settle the debate between Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman over who is the better corner, but it's a mark in Sherman's favor.

On Wednesday the NFL Network continued its annual Top 100 series, which is voted on by current players, releasing its list of No. 20 through No. 11. Revis checked in at No. 17, while Sherman listed six spots higher at No. 11.

Though Revis didn't want to get into it earlier this year, the two have exchanged barbs in the past -- most notably on Twitter -- about which was the more talented player, and Sherman can now point to the opinions of his peers around the league for validation. 

While the argument could rage in perpetuity, it usually boils down to numbers versus style.

Sherman, who is two years younger than Revis, has been the most productive corner in the league since 2011 in terms of getting his hands on footballs. He has 24 interceptions in the last four seasons, nine more than anyone else in that span. Plus, he has 68 recorded deflections in that time, which is second behind only Cleveland's Joe Haden (69). 

Revis, on the other hand, helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl last season by locking down some of the league's best pass-catchers no matter where they went on the field. Whereas Sherman typically remains on the defensive left side in Seattle's secondary, Revis wonders all over the defensive backfield in order to shadow his assignment.

"His game changes every game because he's studying the receiver he's going to face," Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry told NFL Network. "His ability to adapt to that is one of the reasons why he's one of the best in the league."

"I know when I play against Revis, I gotta be fundamentally sound," said Broncos wideout Emmanuel Sanders. "He doesn't bite on the first move. You really gotta work him."

"He trusts his technique so when you got a guy that's fundamentally sound, along with being gifted athletically, that makes a great player," said Lions receiver Golden Tate, who saw a great deal of Revis during New England's regular season victory over the Lions last season. "There was a drive play, I ran a crossing route, I thought I almost went in and some way, he speeds, up, pops up on me and bats it down. It was a huge first down. That's when I really knew I needed to focus in a little more."


Revis is also seen as one of the best -- if not the best -- technicians in the game. His impeccable footwork and his intelligence, along with his willingness to travel the field to mark his man, are just some of the reasons why some former NFL stars have him rated higher than Sherman. 

Redskins safety Dashon Goldson also has Revis as the top corner in the league. 

"No disrespect to Richard, he's a great football player," Goldson said. "But Darrelle is a different player. He's a different kind of guy, man."

Even Bill Belichick weighed in on the comparison during Super Bowl week, though he didn't choose one side over the other. 

Sherman ranked No. 7 on the 2014 poll while Revis was No. 37 last year and No. 67 in 2013 after suffering a torn ACL. Revis, now back with the Jets after signing as a free agent this offseason, was the No. 5 ranked player during his last fully-healthy season in New York.

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