Report: ‘All signs point to' Matt Patricia being named Giants coach


If they can't get Bill Belichick, they'll apparent settle for one of his assistants.

The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that "all signs are pointing to" the Giants hiring Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia as their new head coach. Click the link to read the complete story.

Patricia had been rumored to be a front-runner for the Lions' coaching job, but the Daily News reported Patricia-to-Detroit is "not a done deal  . . .  In fact, there are indications he prefers the Giants to the Lions."

For the past few days, talk has swirled that the Giants reportedly were going to be a landing spot for another member of the Pats' coaching staff: The head man himself. Belichick, whom ESPN reported was having issues with both owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady, was said to be interested in returning to the Giants, a team where he served as an assistant coach from 1979-90 and for whom he retains a great deal of affection. But Belichick stated categorically on Monday that he plans to return to the Patriots in 2018, and the Daily News speculated "it could mean a lot to Belichick and to his legacy for Patricia to take over and turn around his former team."

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