QUICK SLANTS PODCAST: How often do Patriots practice ‘fake spike' play?


Jerod Mayo sits down with Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to break down the Patriots win over the Steelers.

(3:30) - Jerod Mayo breaks down what went wrong with the Patriots defense on the Ju-Ju Smith -Schuster 69 yard play.

(11:00) - Breaking down Steelers final drive, why was Jesse James open?

(18:00) - Is there any need for the NFL to change their catch rule?

(20:30) - Jerod Mayo break down how many times the Patriots practice the fake spike play

(24:00) - How will this loss impact the Steelers confidence when facing the Patriots again?

(29:00) - Why were Steelers unable to adjust to Rob Gronkowski in the 4th quarter?

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