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Perry, Curran hand out early Patriots offseason grades

It's been a disappointing offseason for New England so far.

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The New England Patriots are amidst their first offseason without Bill Belichick in 24 years, and according to NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry and Tom Curran, things aren't looking great.

The Patriots have already signed their fair share of free agents, bringing on seven new players in addition to re-signing nine on expiring contracts, but the roster continues to look as if it will be another struggle of a season come September. Adding in the 10 departing players into the mix -- most notably quarterback Mac Jones -- Perry and Curran discussed New England's offseason moves in the latest episode of Patriots Talk Podcast.

"I think a C is fair," Perry gave the Patriots for an offseason grade thus far. "They are treading water. They are doing the minimum, honestly in my opinion, and even that may be giving them too much credit."

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Diving deeper into New England's offseason grade, Curran adds that the Patriots get an "A-minus" on retention -- notably re-signing wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, linebacker Josh Uche, and tackle Mike Onwenu among others -- while also praising New England for "divorcing themselves" from wideout DeVante Parker. On the other hand, Curran gave a "D-minus" for New England's lack of addressing their needs on the open market.

While the Patriots did sign Jacoby Brissett -- who could be the bridge quarterback New England was reportedly looking for to mentor a rookie -- they have failed to fill any real gaps in the roster.

"If the expectation for them is to not win a championship -- not even make the playoffs -- but to be competitive, be in the mix, be watchable," Perry added. "Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf have suggested that that's the goal -- Robert Kraft for years now has been talking about how he wants to compete ASAP, contend ASAP -- have they done the minimum even to get there? I would say no."

Perry adds that it was extremely disappointing to see Calvin Ridley get away from the Patriots, instead signing with the Tennessee Titans on a reported four-year, $92 million deal. Additionally, Perry mentions his disappointment in New England not going after offensive tackle Jonah Williams, who signed a reported two-year, $30 million deal with the Arizona Cardinals. For a team with as much cap space as the Patriots, the lack of impactful signings is a head-scratcher.

"They need to do more to get to where they want to be, even with the expectations set relatively low," Perry added.

With the NFL Draft ahead, the Patriots still have time to bring their grades up and redeem themselves to Perry and Curran by making a splash with their No. 3 pick by either trading down for additional assets or landing the right player.

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