PFT: ‘Small group of owners' want Brady's ban to stand


According to Pro Football Talk, there have been discussions between the NFL and Tom Brady's camp about how to proceed with the ruling of Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension. 

It seems as though those discussions haven't made much headway. 

In his report, PFT's Mike Florio cites a league source who has said that settlement discussions between the two sides have occurred. According to the source, Goodell is being encouraged to stand pat on the four-game ban by small group of influential owners. 

Florio also notes in the report, however, that there is someone else in Goodell's ear who believes that it would be difficult to uphold the four-game suspension in court.

As Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran noted in his column on Wednesday, attorney Gregg Levy participated in Brady's appeal hearing and, per Florio, he's working as a legal consultant to Goodell. It appears as though Levy is trying to be the voice of reason for the NFL, urging the commissioner that it would be difficult to make Brady's four-game suspension stick if the case went to federal court. 

Goodell is between a rock and a hard place with this ruling. Does he keep the four-game ban intact and appease the owners, or does he reduce Brady's suspension to perhaps prevent another federal court defeat from appearing on his record?

Even if there's a happy medium to be reached, it sounds as though it's a long way off. Judging by this report, talks of an agreement between the two sides are going nowhere fast. 

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