Patriots exec details Matt Patricia's key role in DeVante Parker trade


What exactly does Matt Patricia do for the New England Patriots, you ask? Matt Groh offered some insight into one of Patricia's responsibilities Friday.

In his first press conference as the Patriots' director of player personnel, Groh was asked how New England's trade with the Miami Dolphins for wide receiver DeVante Parker came together earlier this month.

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"Certainly, it got kickstarted on their end with (the Dolphins) adding a different player (in Tyreek Hill) and then where they were at with their wide receiver room," Groh responded. "And then having the opportunity to add a great player to our roster. So they just weren’t going to be able to keep everybody."

Groh then revealed that it was Patricia who provided the front office with some intel on Parker, which paved the way for New England landing the veteran wide receiver as part of a draft pick swap on April 5.

“When a player became available, I would say Matt Patricia did a good job of being on that early and getting that information to us as quickly as he could," Groh said. "We were in on that early and it really came together well for us. Really excited to have DeVante here."

Patricia assumed the title of "senior football advisor" in New England last year. Reports indicate he'll work closely with the offensive line, while head coach Bill Belichick also suggested Patricia could have a larger role in the offense working with quarterback Mac Jones.

"Very broad," Belichick said at the recent NFL owners meetings when asked about Patricia's role. "He does a lot of things. Helps me in a lot of ways."

Apparently one of those ways is scouting potential trade targets for the Patriots. The Dolphins acquired Hill on March 23, and in Groh's telling, Patricia quickly did some research on Parker that led to the team agreeing to a trade for the wide receiver about a week later.

So, if Parker pans out in New England, you'll have Patricia in part to thank.

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