Not their game: Gronkowski family ‘whooped' on Family Feud


What's something you might see a bear do in the woods? What would a guy try to pick up after he's had too much to drink? And -- wink, wink -- what's something that can be inflated or deflated?

These are the questions the Gronkowskis tried to answer on Family Feud when squaring off with the family of actress Holley Robinson Peete, which included her husband, Rodney Peete, a retired NFL quaterback. But unlike football, baseball, or mini-hockey in the family basement, this was not the Gronks' game.

Rob, Dan, Chris, Gordie Jr. and Gordie Sr. lost by a final score of 472-39, but before they were eliminated, they danced and laughed and high-fived as Gronks are wont to do. 

Highlights from the show included when Gordie Sr., standing next to four of his sons, dubbed himself "The Creator," and when Robinson Peete's mother, Dolores, flirted from across the stage with some of the younger members of the Gronkowski family tree. 

After the episode -- which was originally scheduled to air last month -- Rob tweeted what we already knew: Despite the defeat, he had a himself a good time. 

You can watch some behind-the-scenes footage of the Gronkowski Family Feud appearance here

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