NFL lawyer understands why Brady's on the billing


By Tom E. Curran

NEW ORLEANS - Bob Batterman, one of the legal counsel retained by the NFL, was asked this morning what it means to have the name Tom Brady attached to the lawsuit attacking the league for antitrust violations. "Obviously, the reason that the union selected major name players is because it will have a recognition factor with the public," said Batterman. "I wouldn't deny that for a minute. 'Brady vs. the NFL' has a different resonance than if it's 'John Smith vs. the NFL.' That's all. But on the merits of the case, I don't think it was an impact."I asked Batterman if a player making south of 500,000 might be amore appropriateface for the players' suit than one making north of 15 million. He smiled and said, "No comment."

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