Next Pats: Is there a chance Patriots trade Stephon Gilmore?


Other than the quarterback competition between Cam Newton and Mac Jones, the top storyline heading into New England Patriots training camp is the status of Stephon Gilmore.

The All-Pro cornerback did not attend mandatory minicamp earlier this month as he hopes to spark contract talks with the team. A free agent after this season, Gilmore enters 2021 with a $16.3 million cap hit and a $7 million base salary that's well below what other elite NFL cornerbacks are making.

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So, where exactly do Gilmore and the Patriots go from here?

On a brand new episode of the Next Pats Podcast, former agent Joel Corry joined Phil Perry to discuss Stephon Gilmore's holdout and whether there's a chance the team ends up trading him.

Next Pats Podcast: Predicting how the Stephon Gilmore holdout will end with former agent Joel Corry | Listen & Follow | Watch on YouTube

"Sometimes, if a player can't get what he wants contractually, he shifts gears and wants a trade," Corry said. "That's what happened with Keenan McCardell. We were getting nowhere with the Buccaneers, eventually we wanted out of town and did get out of town to the Chargers right at the trading deadline, so that could become a viable option.

"It also could be Belichick does not want to set the precedent that if you hold out, you get what you want, if it comes to that, and would trade him and use that as an example to other players on the team so they'll think twice about wanting to hold out in the future."

Let's say Gilmore does get moved. What does Corry see as the potential compensation?

"I heard the rumors last year that the Patriots wanted a first-round pick for Gilmore. That's out of the question," he said. "He's gonna be 31 in September and the track record for corners on a go-forward basis at that age isn't pretty. ...

[Darius] Slay went for a third and fifth-round pick. I think Gilmore's a better player, although there's a two-year age difference, so I would look at that as the floor. And then we had a younger corner who has a checkered past Marcus Peters a couple years ago go from the Chiefs to the Rams for a second and a fourth, so maybe it's gonna be somewhere in-between those two trade compensations or draft capital given up for those guys."

What's the more likely outcome: a trade or the two sides compromising on a deal?

"The compromise option," Corry answered. "Things would have to go sideways for the trade, because it doesn't make sense for the Patriots to trade him after everything they've done to improve the roster, not really addressing cornerback in any meaningful way until now, so to me that signals they want Gilmore around unless things get too acrimonious."

Also discussed in the episode: How with the 'Patriot Way' impact Stephon Gilmore's situation? Could penalties force Gilmore back on the field before he really wants to return? What would you want if you were Gilmore, and what would you be willing to give if you were Bill Belichick?

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