Must-read recap: Tom Brady and Patriots put forth a slow but sure performance against Vikings


Yes, the Patriots beat the Vikings. Yes, Adam Thielen became the new Derrick Mason. But all everybody was talking about, at least for a while, was . . .


The Patriots beat the Vikings and you cornballs all made the same three jokes about Tom Brady rushing for 1,000 yards. 

Hopefully not any more Tom Brady rushing jokes, because those were abundant Sunday. 

Basically, Brady surpassed 1,000 career rushing yards and everybody made the same stupid jokes about him being a good runner. The joke, you see, is that Brady is slow, so it took him a long time to reach that mark. 

Pretty much every quip was the same, but the NFL aired a commercial with great running backs talking about how special a runner is. It was terrible. 

After a career-best performance against the sucky Jets run defense, Michel looked more like early season Michel, which meant he had a decent number of carries but didn't really get going. Michel ran the ball 17 times for 63 yards; he didn't have any touchdowns, but do you know who did? 

That's right, baby. TWO touchdowns! Develin is now up to three on the season and four in his six-year career. 

Bill Belichick told Adam Thielen to STFU.

Tom Brady is slow. 

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