Michael Holley Podcast: That time Ty Law hooked Tom Brady up with a house


Derek Jeter wasn't the first Michigan alum to do Tom Brady a real estate solid.

Twenty years before Brady moved into Jeter's sprawling Tampa mansion with a fresh $50 million contract from the Buccaneers, the quarterback was a sixth-round draft pick looking for a place to stay in New England.

Enter former Patriots cornerback Ty Law. While Law and Brady didn't overlap at Michigan, Law had signed a new contract just before the Patriots drafted Brady in 2000.

So, the Pro Bowl cornerback decided to do a fellow Wolverine a solid.

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On the latest Michael Holley Podcast, Law told a great story of how he bequeathed his house -- which ex-Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak had passed down to him -- to Brady.

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By the time I got there and moved in, I finished the basement, put some money into it and made it my own. So, when I got that contract, there was a young kid by the name of Tom Brady. He was a Michigan guy, so I was like ... hey man, I'm gonna do my part to try to welcome him in.

He wasn't making great money at the time and he was looking for a place. So because I just signed a contract, I said, 'Come on man, I'll hook you up with this.' I finished the basement, and at the time, I took about a $125,000 haircut just to give to him. But the other key was, I left all the TVs, the pool table, the furniture, everything. So basically, it's move-in ready. He wasn't making no money, you know what I mean?

Law picked the right guy to hook up.

Perhaps buoyed by having a permanent home, Brady went from backup in 2000 to Patriots starter and eventual Super Bowl champion in 2001, then went to win five more Super Bowls over his two-decade career in New England.

Brady also has made millions while buying some pretty expensive property, an irony that isn't lost on Law.

"Now, I could probably put my whole house in his kitchen," Law quipped.

If Law is ever in the market for new real estate, though, we know a legendary quarterback who owes him a favor.

Law also chatted with Holley about when he knew Brady was the real deal, his thoughts on Brady leaving New England and much more. To listen and subscribe, check out the full episode on the NBC Sports Boston podcast network and on YouTube.

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