McDaniels: ‘I would love to be a head coach'


Somebody on the NFL Career Development Advisory Panel presumed wrong.

Their list of the top 2017 head coaching candidates omitted Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the presumption, according to Pro Football Talk, that “he’s intent on staying at New England until coach Bill Belichick retires, succeeding Belichick as the team’s head coach.”

On a Tuesday morning conference call, McDaniels stated that the notion he’s waiting on Belichick’s retirement and unwilling to take another head job is “unfounded.”

“I would love to be a head coach again,” said McDaniels, adding that it would have to be in the right place and at the right time.

McDaniels was head coach in Denver in 2009 and for part of 2010 before being fired near the end of the 2010 season. He moved on to St. Louis where he was offensive coordinator in 2011 before that staff was let go and McDaniels latched back on with the Patriots during the 2011 playoffs and was reinstalled as offensive coordinator in 2012 after Bill O’Brien left to take the Penn State job.

McDaniels, still just 40 years old, would be a prime head coaching candidate which is why it was so surprising he was left off the list. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, meanwhile, was on the list.

This was an awkward time for McDaniels to have to address the inaccuracy of the list. While the Patriots are chugging along at 8-2 and the offense is playing well, crunch-time announcements about personal aspirations and possible departures are distractions.

From statements McDaniels made this past spring through a terrific behind-the-scenes story done with Bleacher Report’s Dan Pompei in which McDaniels head coaching hopes were made clear, there really shouldn’t have been any ambiguity as to whether or not McDaniels should have been included. So he was caught between saying nothing and being mentally eliminated early in the process by teams looking for coaches and saying something about leaving.

McDaniels was sure to add that he “loves” being in New England and that he’s “excited to move forward on the Jets and look forward to practicing tomorrow with our guys.”

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