Martellus Bennett: I'd ‘most likely' skip White House because of Donald Trump


HOUSTON -- As promised, Tom Brady did not engage questions about Donald Trump at Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night. 

He was asked by two of the more celebrated journalists in the nation, with Steve Buckley and PFT Commenter both getting questions in about the controversial president, but he didn’t give much, telling Buckley that he “just wants the best for everybody.” 

While he was getting the anticipated Trump questions, some 50 feet to his right stood Martellus Bennett, who was asked a different question about the Patriots. 


“If you win the Super Bowl, will you go to the White House given the political climate?” asked a reporter. 

“I don’t know. I’ve got to win a Super Bowl, but most likely no,” Bennett replied, laughing. 

“Why would you not do that?” the reporter followed. 

“Because,” Bennett said, “I don’t support the guy that’s in the house.” 

Sports figures skipping White House visits for political reasons is a relatively common practice, with Boston teams serving as examples. Theo Epstein skipped both of the Red Sox’ White House visits in his time with the Red Sox (during the George W. Bush administration) and Tim Thomas skipped the Bruins’ visit with Barack Obama in January of 2012 after the B’s had won the Stanley Cup in the previous season. Brady did not go to the Patriots' last White House visit when Obama was in office, citing a prior engagement.

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