Mac Jones takes to Instagram to wish his head coach a happy birthday


The significance of April 16 hasn't been lost on New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

For the first time since he was drafted by the Patriots in 2021, Jones had reason to celebrate along with the rest of the greater New England region on the date. And it was a big one this year.

Curran: As Belichick turns 70, is he winding down or just getting started?

Jones took to Instagram to wish Bill Belichick a happy 70th birthday on Saturday, sharing a picture of him and his first coach in the NFL together during a game from his rookie season.

A quick glance of Tom Brady's Instagram story on Saturday shows that as of 5 p.m., he has not used the app to wish his head coach of 20 seasons a happy birthday.

Later on in Jones' Instagram story, he wished a happy birthday to one of his Patriots' teammates, long snapper Joe Cardona, who celebrated his 30th birthday on Saturday.

If all goes well, this shouldn't be the last time that Jones, 23, will be able to wish Belichick a happy birthday. While Belichick once said he'd never be coaching into his 70s, the six-time Super Bowl champion with the Patriots has shown no real signs of slowing down at the helm of New England.

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