Lewis takes blame for messing up Grissom's potential TD


FOXBORO -- A play to remember, a play to forget. That sums up the Thursday night for Patriots cornerback Ryan Lewis, a practice squad player in 2017 who’s battling to make the team. 

The good for Lewis came in the first half: A clean, well-executed hit on Washington wideout Trey Quinn on a high throw from Colt McCoy. The hit sent Quinn to the sidelines for the rest of the game and signaled that physicality won’t be an issue at all for the 6-foot, 195-pound Lewis. 

Lewis has had several good moments in training camp so it was good to see him carry that over into the game. 


Not as good to see? His premature celebration during Geneo Grissom’s long fumble return in the fourth quarter. Lewis was the escort on what should have been a touchdown for Grissom but he slowed a bit and put a celebratory finger in the air just as Washington’s Simmie Cobbs closed in from the right and hauled Grissom down. 

Grissom himself seemed to slow and get into some head-waggling as well but Lewis’ lapse was more clear. And he knew it. 

“I didn’t see the receiver,” said Lewis. “That’s a good hustle play by him and it’s unfortunate that I didn’t see him. I need to get that next time. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t score and I’ll take the blame. 

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing about it tomorrow,” he agreed. “I’m ready for it. I’ll just take my loss and move on.”


The Patriots ultimately punched it in after two plays from the Washington 1. 

Depending on how the team views Lewis overall, it’s the kind of play that could either be a teachable moment or a significant strike.  



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