Langi suffered head and neck injuries in car crash


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Patriots linebacker Harvey Langi suffered neck and head injuries in his car accident Friday night in Foxboro, while his wife Cassie was more seriously hurt.

Langi's father-in-law, Rick Wahlin, told Deseret News his daughter Cassie, Langi's wife, suffered broken ribs, fractures to both hips, and is being evaluated for possible internal bleeding and injuries to her liver and spleen.

Harvey and Cassie Langi are in different hospitals in Boston. Both are listed in serious but stable condition.

According to Wahlin, their car was rear-ended when stoppped to take a left turn into their apartment parking lot. Both were freed by the jaws of life.

“They are torn up but very lucky to be alive," he said. "All Harvey has cared about is how Cassie is doing, that’s been his biggest concern, and we are grateful for him and all the prayers that have been directed toward our families.”

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