Landry takes Deflategate jab at Patriots during TD celebration


MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Jarvis Landry seemed to be resuscitating the football after he scored the second of his two touchdowns in his team's 27-20 win over the Patriots.

He wasn't. He was paying tribute to a line in the Migos, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B rap "Motorsport," Landry explained after. The line -- "Bill Belichick, take the air out the ball just so I can flex" -- is an obvious reference to Deflategate.

"Take the air out the ball just so I can flex," Landry repeated in the locker room after the game. "This song right here. I’m not going to say the rest because you all are going to take that out of context again."


Reporters, seemingly confused, asked if he was inflating the ball or deflating it.

"I’m taking the air out the ball," Landry said. "I’m deflating it!"

Landry caught eight passes for 46 yards and scored twice, with the TD in the third quarter making the score 27-10. iT came out of a bunch formation when he seemed to get lost in the shuffle at the second level of the Patriots defense.

For a Dolphins team that was beaten easily at Gillette Stadium two weeks ago, Landry said that taking down the Patriots would do wonders for the team's confidence -- even after drubbing the Broncos last week, 35-9.

"Our spirits needed it. Our spirits needed it honestly, man," he said. "We haven’t really been down you know? But at the same time, man, when you lose five games in a row it’s always tough to start that train back over again and we started it back last weekend. To keep it going against a team like this, it’s so important for us for the rest of the season and try to make a run and see if we can do it."


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