Jimmy G wired for sound leading game-winning drive is nightmare fuel


If there’s one thing sports fans do too much (especially in Boston), it’s exaggerate intangibles. To sports fans, a loss means you didn’t try enough, a player you like is a good guy and an opponent is a disgraceful human being. 

This isn't good for Pats fans, because you’re going to watch Jimmy Garoppolo wired up during Sunday’s game-winning drive and think he’s god. 

This video confirms what should be Patriots fans’ worst fears: that Jimmy Garoppolo was put in this earth to look beautiful and win football games. 

During the two-minute drill, he’s so methodical. He’s determined, yet composed. Also, handsome. Before it, he’s so confident. He’s telling guys who have been there a hell of a lot longer than six weeks how to handle the moment. Not only is he that team’s best player, he’s in charge. 

The best moment comes when he’s talking to wide receiver Marquise Goodwin on the sidelines prior to the drive. He gives Goodwin some ideas based on what he's seen from the defense, then, after telling him to “just feel it out” gives the moment that would be considered what the great Jerry Thornton calls "Patriots porn" if it were uttered by Tom Brady. 

“Be a football player.” 

Except it’s not Patriots porn because Jimmy Garoppolo is a 49er. That can't feel good.

It shouldn’t even need to be said that Brady is obviously the better player right now and could very well win New England two or three more Super Bowls that Garoppolo might not have. That doesn’t mean that Pats fans should feel good about trading a player like Garoppolo. They should be nervous about it and this video doesn’t help. 

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