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Gronkowski: ‘When we get six, your boy right here is going to be part of six'


Rob Gronkowski, flying high on emotion and whatever fluids he was ingesting during the Tuesday's parade, vowed to be available to the Patriots the next time they make the Super Bowl.

When he took the microphone, the tight end who had season-ending back surgery got the crowd at City Hall into a fervor. 

"What's up, Boston? Want to know something? When we get six, your boy right here is going to be part of six, baby," he said. "This team worked so hard to be where they're at. I love these guys so much. I know I wasn't part of playing in the game, but, please, I love being a part of this team, and this is just so amazing."

It should be an interesting year for the Patriots and their tight end position as Martellus Bennett is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. Meanwhile Gronkowski's contract, and whether it should be restructured to become more incentive-laden, was a topic broached by Jerod Mayo and Mike Giardi on the latest episode of the Ex-Pats Podcast.

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