Former NFL QB rips Pats coaching staff: ‘You did this to yourself'


The New England Patriots' unique coaching situation is in the national spotlight after a rough Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Matt Patricia and Joe Judge haven't exactly inspired confidence since taking over for ex-offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. After struggling through camp and the preseason, the Patriots offense only scored one touchdown in last week's 20-7 defeat. The porous offensive line allowed three hits on quarterback Mac Jones, including a costly strip-sack returned for a Dolphins TD.

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Head coach Bill Belichick has received plenty of criticism for replacing McDaniels with Patricia and Judge and installing a new offense. On Sunday, former NFL QB Matt Hasselbeck ripped the Patriots coaching staff for putting Jones in a tough spot in Year 2 of his career.

"I know you're defensive gurus -- fine. But you don't understand what it looks like and feels like for the quarterback," Hasselbeck said during ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown. "The hardest thing for a quarterback on the road especially is third-and-6 or more so what did they do? They made it complicated."

Jones was impressive in his debut NFL season, completing 67.6 percent of his passes for 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Hasselbeck believes the Patriots should never have tried to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

"You did this to yourself, Patriots coaching staff," Hasselbeck added. "You did this to yourself. So stop trying to prove how smart you are. Simplify. This guy played -- he was the best rookie quarterback in the NFL last year, because he had training wheels on most of the time, and he did a lot. He played really well. There's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to prove how much you know. Make it simpler."

It's only Week 2, so Belichick's staff still has time to figure things out. That said, it's safe to say Pats fans already are losing patience after a discouraging start to the campaign.

The Patriots will take on the Steelers on Sunday afternoon before returning home for a Week 3 showdown vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

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