EX-PATS PODCAST: James Harrison is officially a Patriot, how much will he contribute?


On the latest episode of The Ex-Pats Podcast with Mike Giardi and Dan Koppen...

0:25 - Patriots-Steelers game living up to the hype with great atmosphere in Pittsburgh. Tom Brady waving on the fans pregame.

2:20 - Breaking down the Steelers fake spike. Was there enough communication between Steelers players and why running a slant route was a bad call.

5:40 - Ben Roethlisberger telling the media after the game that one coach said to spike it, and another said to throw it. How the game seemed to speed up for the Steelers and how much the Patriots defense was actually prepared. 

11:05 - By the letter of the law, the refs made the correct call on Jesse James’ touchdown catch but should that be the right call. How Belichick always tells his players not to extend the ball at the goal line.

16:25 - An underrated play by Malcolm Butler making a big tackle on Darrius Heyward-Bey on 2nd down to keep him in bounds and keep the clock moving.

19:00 - Rob Gronkowski taking over in the 2nd half and specifically on the final drive. Why were the Steelers not double covering Gronk?

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