Does comeback win prove Brady is better than Manning?


Tom Brady was back to his old self Sunday as he led the Patriots to a 30-27 win over the Saints for his 28th career fourth quarter comeback victory.

With Brady’s latest game-winning drive, and Peyton Manning’s MVP-like season thus far, the long-time debate continued of who is the better quarterback on PostGame Live with Michael Felger, Troy Brown and Mike Flynn.

“I have always been a Tom Brady guy over Peyton Manning,” Felger said. “It goes back to, not even what they’ve done with in terms of working with less and all that, it’s in big games. In big games, Peyton Manning has just been far more prone to that big mistake in a big game than Tom Brady.”

However, Flynn thinks there is a small margin between the two quarterbacks.

“I’m a Brady guy, I think he is a great quarterback, I’m not denying that, he’s the guy I would pick,” Flynn said. “Before you start, look at the offense and the contexts of those wins and everything like that. Peyton was the team. He did a lot with that Colts team. Those weren’t great football teams.”

So, who do you think is the better quarterback? Let us know in the comments section.

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