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Andrews extension stands to benefit Pats culture, Maye development

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FOXBORO -- Slowly but surely, the Patriots are doing what they can to ensure they have a nurturing environment to provide for their rookie quarterback as he develops. 

Before they even knew for certain they'd be able to land Drake Maye, they re-signed Mike Onwenu and Hunter Henry to multi-year deals. They acquired veteran free agent quarterback Jacoby Brissett to be a mentor and a stopgap as Maye learns behind the scenes. 

Then, soon after taking Maye at No. 3 overall in the draft, the Patriots selected two receivers and two offensive linemen. All four could play critical roles in Maye's rookie season.

The latest move to buttress the offensive huddle around Maye, whenever he's leading it? 

Re-upping center and longtime captain David Andrews.

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Per ESPN, the contract extension will keep Andrews in New England through 2025 and will pay him $8 million fully guaranteed. The soon-to-be 32-year-old was scheduled to be a free agent after the upcoming season.

The deal for Andrews means that at least three of the team's projected starters on the offensive line for 2024 -- Andrews, Onwenu, and second-year guard Sidy Sow -- are all under contract for multiple seasons. Third-round tackle Caedan Wallace and fourth-round guard Layden Robinson are about to embark on the first year of what will be four-year contracts.

"I think he's a staple in the Patriot Way," Brissett said of Andrews. "He's somebody that, when I think about the culture, I think he is that. Somebody that's a worker. A guy that's fought through his career to get to where he is now. 

"I think a lot of players on our team can look up to him. Not just guys on the o-line. Shoot, Drake can look up to him as somebody that built a career in one place but with a lot of hard work, through a lot of trials and tribulations... I'm glad he's here and he's our center because I understand and I know what he brings to the team."

Have the Patriots provided a perfect situation for a young quarterback? No. But it's improving. And by making Andrews the latest in a long line of offensive players receiving multi-year commitments, the Patriots have ensured that Maye will have a respected veteran voice upon which he can rely through the early portion of his professional career.

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