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Revis roasts Samuel in heated Twitter exchange between ex-Patriots stars

The Twitter feud escalated pretty quickly.

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Two former New England Patriots cornerbacks got into a Twitter fight Tuesday.

It all started when Asante Samuel, who played for the Patriots from 2003 through 2007 and won two Super Bowl titles during that time, reacted to a list of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Samuel didn't like that New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner was ranked No. 2, and he blamed the New York media as the reason for it, even though the ranking -- put together by ESPN -- did not involve media input. It consisted of votes from execs, players, scouts and coaches.

Revis, who played for the Patriots in 2014 and won Super Bowl XLIX that season, was mentioned in one of Samuel's tweets talking about the ranking. He responded with a tweet that included a story about how former Jets head coach Rex Ryan showed film of Samuel and how he was susceptible to double-moves by wide receivers.

The feud escalated from there, with both Revis and Samuel exchanging more tweets, some of which included expletives.

Samuel had a really impressive career, one that included two Super Bowl rings, one first-team All-Pro selection, a second-team All-Pro selection, four Pro Bowl selections and impressive stats. Revis' career was better, though, which is why he's in the Hall of Fame and Samuel is not. This fact clearly bothers Samuel.

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