Curran's theory come to life? Adrian Peterson and Richard Sherman have same agent


The Patriots brought in Adrian Peterson for a visit Monday, which -- considering Peterson's age, salary and rap sheet (for domestic abuse) -- was baffling to a lot of people. 

But Tom E. Curran had a theory:

"In the NFL, sometimes the coaches and organizations will do favors within the business. And Ben Dogra is the agent for Adrian Peterson . . . [and] sometimes a team will do a solid for an agent . . . Because down the line, when Ben Dogra has a player [who interests the Patriots] . . . It's good to have good relationships with agents."

Now today comes news that Richard Sherman-to-the-Patriots rumors are floating about. And let Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti (jump to 5:10 in the video above) explain why it may be more than a rumor:

Felger: "Do you know who Richard Sherman's agent is? . . . Guess who shares an agent with Richard Sherman?"

Massarotti: "Let me guess: Adrian Peterson."

Felger: "Bingo."

As Felger said moments later: "Suck on that for a second."

Dogra is the agent for both Peterson and Sherman. It doesn't mean there's any connection between the two stories, but, as Felger said:

"One of the conspiracy theories . . . -- Tom E. Curran, very good, the first to say it -- [was] that [Peterson's visit was designed to do] something to build a relationship with the agent, or do something for the agent."

Again, there's no hard evidence to connect the two events. 

But Curran's theory's looking more solid.

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