Cooks shoots down idea of emoji-Pro Bowl connection


FOXBORO - Brandon Cooks isn’t Randy Moss. He never will be. But Cooks has been an explosive down the field threat for the Patriots and is on the verge of eclipsing a thousand yards receiving for a third straight year, but first in New England.

Despite 58 catches and 6 scores, Cooks was not initially named a Pro Bowler yesterday. That’s not surprising. The competition at that position in the AFC is fierce. Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Keenan Allen and DeAndre Hopkins all earned the honor and are all having better seasons. 

Perhaps Cooks didn’t agree. At 8:19 PM Tuesday night he tweeted an emoji (the “huffing with anger face” is the actual term).

It was speculated that perhaps that was his reaction to being bypassed. When asked Wednesday afternoon, Cooks was short.

“What we got this week?” he asked the questioner. When told it was Buffalo, he responded, “There you go. We got bigger goals than that.”

Pressed further about possible frustration that his year wasn’t being recognized, Cooks again shot that notion down.

“I’m always on Twitter,” he said. “If you’re going to do that than you best go back to my other tweets and ask me about those as well.”

Point taken. But while we had the elusive Cooks (more so in the locker room than on the field), I had to ask him about a comment made by former (current?) Bill Belichick confidant Mike Lombardi Monday. Lombardi alleged that Patriots players stretching the ball out at the goal line will be benched. Matthew Slater has already dispelled that notion. Put Cooks in that camp as well.

“Ahhh, no,” he smiled. “I don’t think he (Belichick) thinks that way. I think he trusts his players to make the right decision at the right time.”


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