Breer: Not about Brady's innocence in federal court


The waiting game continues…

In the latest Deflategate update, a source told Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio on Sunday that a ruling on Tom Brady's appeal will come this week and it won't be good news for the Patriots quarterback.

And if reports a true, Brady and the NFLPA will likely take things to federal court

"One thing we have to remember if this goes to federal court is it's not about Brady's innocence anymore it's about the process and whether or not you can prove there were flaws in the process," said NFL Network's Albert Breer on Sports Sunday. "It's very difficult to get a federal court to intervene in labor law… You collectively bargained an arbitration process. The federal court system does not like to go in and intervene when business and labor have come to written agreement."

Breer also reminded everyone that Brady loses control over the timing of his suspension if things head to court.

Listen to the full discussion in the video above.


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