Breer: Beneficial for NFL to hold decision on Brady's appeal


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will eventually make a ruling on Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate.

It remains to be seen when that decision will actually come. For the NFL, it's best to hold onto that decision until the end of July, according to NFL Media's Bert Breer.

"I think it will come out the first week of training camp," Breer said. "That puts Brady in a tough position if it goes down that way because now all of a sudden he’s in football mode, he's going out there every day trying to focus on the season and he has a big decision to make as far as a lawsuit. If you want to put together a conspiracy theory and say what's most beneficial to the league, the chances of facing a lawsuit probably go down once he puts that helmet and shoulder pads on." 

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