Brady says he won't discuss Trump at Opening Night


HOUSTON -- Tom Brady made mention during his weekly Kirk & Callahan appearance of an intention to “stand up there and fulfill [his] obligation” during Super Bowl Opening Night (formerly Media Day). 

As we learned from Marshawn Lynch two years ago, the amount of effort it takes to fulfill that obligation is, to put it lightly, minimal. 


So if anyone expects Brady to finally have a “You know what?” moment and give some grand answer about his relationship with Donald Trump and his political leanings, they’ll be disappointed. He’ll either say he’s just focused on the Falcons or he’ll say that he has a lot of friends and that Trump is just one of them. 

That’s the safe bet, anyway. Actually, another safe bet is that in both Brady’s case and Bill Belichick’s, the only thing Trump-related that has a chance of being interesting is how the questions happen to be phrased. The answers will be somewhere between noncommittal and boring. Either way, they’ll be brief. 

“I haven’t had a lot of thought into that, but I’m just going to stand up there and fulfill my obligation,” Brady said on WEEI when asked how he’ll handle questions about Trump. “I think you guys know me pretty well from being on the show; I’m trying to do as little as I can to cause any distractions for our team, so that will probably be my theme this week, too. 

“You could ask me a thousand questions, but my focus is on the Falcons and not really anything else. It’s a big enough task for us as is, and it is the biggest game we’ve played all season. For a lot of us, it’s the biggest game of our life, so we’re not really going to let anything get in the way of that.” 

Brady said he treats the massive Super Bowl press conference as an isolated period rather than something that could throw off the entire week. He said he tries to be polite, but that he “certainly [doesn’t] intend on talking about any politics.”

“It’s a lot of questions,” he said. “If you let it, it could be a distraction and it could actually take away from a lot of energy you’re trying put on the game because it’s a lot of activity, and that is something that’s very outside your normal week of preparation. For someone like me, every extra minute I can get to prepare, that’s what I’m going to use, so that’s just part of the situation. I’m glad we’re dealing with it because that means we’re in this game, but at the same time, you don’t want to let it be a distraction and take away from your prep for the game.”

Added Brady: “It’s my job to sit there and answer questions, and obviously they can ask whatever they want, but I can answer however I want, too.”

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