Brady not worried about lack of practice reps with Britt


FOXBORO -- At what point will Kenny Britt's relative dearth of on-the-field reps impact his ability to make the Patriots? 

That's what we wondered earlier this week because it seems like, at some point, a player can't just rely on potential -- and Britt still has loads, even at this point in his career -- or the unavailability of others at the position to nab a roster spot. 

Practice matters. Conditioning matters. Chemistry with Tom Brady matters. 

But when Brady was asked about the lack of practice time he's had with Britt, the quarterback indicated that practice time isn't the be-all and end-all. He didn't seem overly concerned.


"I think it's just different stages at different times, whether it's Kenny or other players," Brady said Wednesday. "You have setbacks with injuries and so forth and you don't get to work. But when you are out there, you just try to get up to speed as best you can.

"Spending extra time when you're available, I think that's important. Kenny was here at the end of last year so I had a lot of reps with him. Hopefully he can make the most of his opportunity. I think everyone's doing that this time of year. Whatever chance you get, you gotta go out and show something.

"You gotta really show the coaches, the personnel people that you can be dependable and trusted. Get out there and make the plays that are going to help us win."

To Britt's credit, he's been an affable presence in the locker room and on the practice field even though he's been limited and admits he's behind. He can often be found dancing to whatever music happens to be playing during Patriots warmup periods, and he's said he takes it upon himself to help provide those around him in the facility with some energy when he can.


The good news for Britt is that Brady believes demeanor matters, too.

"Everything is really important," Brady said. "I think gaining trust in people is more than about being on the field. It's attitude in the morning in the weight room. Anytime we interact in the locker room whether you're involved or not involved, what kind of conversations people are having, how important football is, how important it is to make it a big part of your life. I think those coaches are judging the players on that all the time. Everyone's putting a lot into it. If we want to get a lot out of it, that's what we have to do."


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