Brady appreciates Gronkowski changing his diet: ‘Hopefully it really pays off for him'


FOXBORO -- No one would blame you if you rolled your eyes when resident Patriots party boy Rob Gronkowski discussed how he was taking on Tom Brady's dietary plan and training regimen in the hopes of staying healthy this season and beyond. 

But Brady says that his favorite tight end has worked hard this offseason to take care of his body by doing some of the same things Brady does.


"I've talked to a lot of different players, and Gronk's really worked hard," Brady said on Friday. "He's gotten older, and I'm proud of him for the effort that he's put in this offseason. He always puts in a lot of effort. He's got a great work ethic. Hopefully it really pays off for him.

"It's a contact sport and you've got to prepare yourself for what we're about to face. We put ourselves in harm's way a lot. To me, you've gotta be proactive about how you condition your body to be prepared for that. He's done a great job of that, as have a lot of guys. Hopefully we can make it a great season."

Brady said that his diet and training style has allowed him to maintain his health even after 17 years of football. "I don't wake up in pain," he said, and he hopes to continue to share his methods with interested players to help them sustain peak performance.

"Hopefully I can share that with a lot of people," he explained. "It'd be great to pass on that wisdom. I feel that's part of my responsibility to do that for other players when they want to seek the same thing. It's been a really enjoyable part of my career."

For Gronkowski in particular, there's a lot riding on his ability to stay healthy in 2017. As part of a restructured deal, he could earn up to $10.75 million this season should he play 90 percent of the offensive snaps (which he's done once before in his career), or make 80 catches (which he's done twice), or gain 1,200 yards receiving (once), or be named an All-Pro (three times).


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