BOSTON SPORTS TONIGHT PODCAST: Who steps up with Hightower out?


0:41 - Tom Giles, Michael Holley, and Alex Giaimo talk about Dont’a Hightower being out for the rest of the season, how it will impact the Patriots moving forward, and who will be the next man up to replace him.

7:13 - Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer joins BST to discuss whether Kyrie Irving’s stellar performance Thursday night vs the Bucks is something that should be expected every game. Al Horford had a standout game as well, and the crew debates whether it is unfair to expect that kind of performance out of him every night.

12:49 - Regarding NFL players protesting, Texans owner Bob Mcnair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Phil Perry, Michael Holley, Alex Giaimo, and Kyle Draper discuss his alarming statement and what the fallout will be.

20:09 - Will the Patriots make a big move at the trade deadline? If so, what position would they trade for? Phil Perry, Tom Giles, Michael Holley and Alex Giaimo discuss.

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