Blount: It's ‘straight enemy mode' vs. Patriots until after Super Bowl


After last year’s Super Bowl, LeGarrette Blount pointed at Bill Belichick and declared to the Patriots head coach, “YOU are the greatest.”  The power back then found quarterback Tom Brady and said the same, only he added an unprintable adjective prior to greatest. It rhymes with trucking…

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Now on the other side as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, Blount has a message for Belichick, Brady and anyone else who will listen.

"I play for the Eagles now," Blount said. "I don't play for the Patriots anymore. I don't watch the Patriots. I don't care about the Patriots. I just focus on what we need to do put us in the best position to win this game. I had a great time there last year, but, last year is last year."

Blount was often the centerpiece of a very close running back room that featured current Patriot holdovers Dion Lewis, James White and Brandon Bolden. He’s kept in touch with those players. He considers them friends. But that friendship just got trucked by the big fella, at least until after Super Bowl Sunday.

"Straight enemy mode," said Blount. "Ain't no friends. Ain't no homies. None of that. We know ... We know what we're going to do. They know what they're going to do. We both have the same goal in mind. There aren't any hard feelings, it just is what it is."

Blount would have loved to return and play another season with the Patriots, but Belichick had decided the offense was too predictable with him on the field. So as he went out and signed Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislee, Blount had to seek other employment opportunities. 

The Eagles came a calling and it’s been a solid match, his power complimenting an explosive pass offense at first quarterbacked by Carson Wentz but now led by Nick Foles. Blount finished the year with 766 yards rushing and a pair of scores. He’s added another two touchdowns here in the postseason. The Pats hope to keep him out of the end zone two Sundays from now.


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