Belichick done talking about reported turmoil: ‘We're on Tennessee'


FOXBORO -- On Monday, Bill Belichick twice addressed ESPN's recent report on the status of the relationships between him, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. He felt that was enough. 

After a 377-word opening statement on the Titans and the challenges they'll present the Patriots in the Divisional Round, Belichick made it clear he wouldn't be responding to questions pertaining to the team's inner workings.

"We’ve dealt with some non-Tennessee subjects here over the last few days," Belichick said. "At this point I’m all in on Tennessee. I’ll answer any questions about the Titans, but that’s it."

Later in his Tuesday press conference, Belichick was asked if -- as a part of his team's preparations for Tennessee -- he touched on the ESPN report with his team. It was a clever effort at a workaround of the guidelines Belichick had laid out. 

Still, he didn't bite. 

"Yeah," he said, "we’re on Tennessee."

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