Waters: Pollard has no regret about hit on Brady


FOXBORO -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he's never spoken to current Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard about the low hit that ended Brady's 2008 season.
Pollard was on the Kansas City Chiefs at the time. Also on the Chiefs was current Patriots offensive lineman Brian Waters.
"If you know Bernard, you know there wasnt much blowback for him," added Waters. "He took pride in the fact that he was able to get a hit on Tom. Hes not going to live that down, one way or the other. Hes a guy that takes pride in putting hits on people, being physical. Hes never going to back down or have any kind of regrets for that."
Brady, Waters, and the rest of the Patriots offense will now be going up against Pollard and the Ravens defense on Sunday, with a trip to Super Bowl 46 on the line.
Brady said that Pollard's presence on Sunday won't make him think of the season-ending injury.
"Injuries are a part of the game," said Brady. "I hate being injured, that was a tough one but Ive moved on, hes moved on to some different teams. Hes a very good player, fits in this scheme very well. I dont think too much about that injury or anything. I just really try to be the best QB I can be."
As for the other side, Waters said he knows Pollard very well, and that the Ravens safety will never regret ending Brady's season.
"Hes definitely a high energy personality," said Waters. "He definitely brings a lot of energy to the football team. Ive been around Bernard when he was a rookie and he was the same guy he was then. Hes a very physical football player, he loves to hit. He has a very aggressive personality. I expect him to be at an all-time high come Sunday."

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