Valentine: Sox, Yankees ending ‘not very courteous'


FORT MYERS, Fla.The Red Sox were held scoreless on just two hits over seven innings by the Yankees Adam Warren and Dellin Betances, but came back to tie the game, 4-4, in the ninth inning on a squeeze bunt by Jason Repko to score Ryan Sweeney.

But manager Bobby Valentine was not happy.

It was regretful that Clayton Mortensen warmed up, though, and then we were told they werent going to play an extra inning, Valentine said. I didnt think that that was very courteous.

Mortensen was on the mound to start the 10th conferring with catcher Ryan Lavarnway when the game was called. Typically, spring training tie games are played to 10 inningsunless a team runs out of pitching to go more than nine innings.

They had plenty of pitching, Valentine said. Probably too long of a ride. They could have known that going in.

No, they had plenty of pitching.

The Yankees used five pitchers, with seven remaining unused on their travel roster.

Usually they (the umpires) talk about it if its a tie game, but they didnt, said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. And I used all our pitching and I just said, Thats it. I just looked at (umpire) Tim Tschida and said, Thats it.

Valentine learned the game was over as the umpires walked off the field.

The umpire came over and said we couldnt play, Valentine said. I dont care about not playing. Its just, you know, why do I have to warm up my pitcher whos trying to make a team, come in in a tie game against the Yankees and maybe help him make a team and instead he has to walk off the mound to take a shower? Thats just not very courteous.

Asked how it is generally determined to call a game early in a tie in the spring, Valentine responded:

Usually you go over and say, Hey, I dont have any more pitching.Or I have 10. Valentine said. I dont know. I havent been around in a long time. Joe Girardi knows better than I. I guess you just walk off the field.

Im sure Girardi didnt do anything deliberate. Its just I have to answer a pitcher whos trying to make a team. Why use that bullpen?

I dont set protocol. Im learning.

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