Tanguay: Terrific game from Sullinger off the bench


Jared Sullinger chalked up his first career double-double on Saturday afternoon. Donny Marshall and Gary Tanguay have noticed the improvements Sullinger has made in his game.

"Remember, this is a guy who has always been 'the man,'" said Marshall. "He left after his sophomore year, a lot of people said he should have left after his freshman year. He was a big time scorer in college. In this game he is starting to get a little confidence."

Gary Tanguay brought up a comparison between Sullinger and Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Marshall believes they may be similar, but they have different playing styles.

"Jared is an inside-out guy, where Big Baby was an outside-outside and then in." continued Marshall. "The way this team is set up right now, they don't need another jump shooter."

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