Tanguay: ‘It's bush league what Garnett did to Allen'


It was the moment we've all been waiting for: Ray Allen entering in the game as a member of the Heat. How would he act? How would his former teammates act?

Well, Ray walked over to the Celtics' bench in a good-faith gesture. Some coaching staff, including Doc Rivers, embraced the move.

Kevin Garnett? Not so much.

CSNNE's Gary Tanguay thinks it was a 'bush league' move for Garnett to not acknowledge Allen. After all, the two sides did win a championship together.

But Tommy Heinsohn swatted Tanguay's opinion right back at him.

"This is not the social club," Tommy said. "You want to make it a social meeting! Come on! Red Auerbach would have put a medal on him!"

Tommy has spoken! Now it's your turn to speak. Are you Team Tanguay or Team Tommy?

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