Rivers: ‘We want Garnett back'


Admit it, you're surprised by Kevin Garnett this season.

Don't be ashamed, you're certainly not alone. The Celtics power forward-now-turned-center has seemingly turned back the clock this season, and is playing at a level we haven't seen since before his knee injury.

"I think he's very comfortable, I think he's healthy," Doc Rivers said to Greg Dickerson on CSNNE's Courtside Club. "He's in great shape now. For the first time in his career, he didn't start the season in great shape, just in average shape, and that's unusual for Kevin.

I think moving him to the five has been a big benefit to him. Now he's the quickest guy every night at his position, and I think that's been a big benefit to him as well."

But Garnett is a free agent after this season, and there's no word yet on what his plans are for the future. One thing is clear though: if he wants to play, the Celtics want him playing in Boston.

"Oh yeah, absolutely. We want him back," Rivers said. "I think it will come down to if he wants to play or not. But, you know, who knows? So many games and so many things can happen. Being around this as long as I have I know it is very emotional how the season ends. And a lot of players have made poor decisions on the end of a season, so we'll have to wait and see."

To hear the rest of this interview and more, check out CSNNE's Courtside Club Friday night 7:00 PM.

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