Pats heading back to England


The Patriots are hopping back across the pond next season.
The Pats, who played Tampa Bay in London in 2009, will once again participate in the NFL's annual European game in 2012. They'll play the Rams on Sunday, Oct. 28 in what will be St. Louis' home game.
The Rams, in fact, will be the home team in the London game in each of the next three years. The NFL sought volunteers for teams willing to host the game -- being the home team in London means the loss of a game for its hometown fans -- and the Rams were selected. The three-year commitment to London coincides with the expiration of their St. Louis stadium lease in 2014, and there are rumors the team is looking to move elsewhere.
Patriots owners Robert Kraft issued a statement in which he said: We are honored to be selected for this years game and eager to return. We had such a great experience during our last visit to London. We are proud to have great support from our fans when we are on the road. The United Kingdom is home to some of our most passionate Patriots fans, including the UKPatriots, who are among our most active fan clubs overall, not just overseas. We look forward to another memorable experience.

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