Mazz: U.S. Women's soccer ratings a phenomenal achievement


Don't try saying soccer isn't a popular sport in the United States. After the U.S. Women's team won the World Cup Final, it was announced that 25 million-plus watched the game, more than Game 7 of the World Series and Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

What was more impressive was that it was a women's game, which Mazz called a huge advancement for the women's sport.

"The women's soccer product is very good. Those are good, entertaining games," Mazz said. "I believe it’s growing. I don’t know how fast, I want to see, but I’m interested. The entire country celebrating a women's team for crying out loud and it was the most sport watched ever by Americans, whether they speak the language, whether they’re men or not. That is a phenomenal achievement. It’s a sign of unbelievable progress."

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