London trip a chance for family reunion for some Patriots


FOXBORO -- For the most part, when the subject of sight-seeing in London -- or grabbing fish and chips, or meeting the Queen -- comes up, the Patriots reply uniformly: "Business trip."

Yes, they're headed overseas to play the Rams in a game this weekend that will affect the standings. That's true. But for some Patriots, this will be a little bit more than a business trip. A few of them have family in Europe and intend to spend some time with their relatives who will attend the game at Wembley Stadium.

Zoltan Mesko was born in Romania and still has family in Eastern Europe. His grandparents, uncles and cousins will all make the trip to London to watch him play. For some of them, it'll be the first time they see him kick a football live and in person.

"I think it'll be a great experience," Mesko told Comcast SportsNet's Kevin Walsh. "I have a lot of family coming to town. But at the same time, it is a business trip so at the same time they have to be understanding of my time commitments. Hopefully we get to enjoy a dinner or two. It'll be a nice time to see them."

Dan Connolly has an aunt and uncle who live an England as well as some family members from France who will be in town for the weekend.

"We get a little free time," Connolly said. "Get to see the city. I've got a little family over there so I'll spend some time with them."

Sebastian Vollmer is originally from Germany and Mesko thought the offensive tackle may have some family headed to London for the game as well.

"Why not?" Mesko said. "If it's a 45-minute flight for them, why not?"

Plans are in the works already. For the few days leading up to the game, it won't be all about watching film, or going from the hotel to the practice field and back again -- especially for those getting the rare opportunity to see family members who live abroad.

"I think I'll do a double-decker tour maybe just to get off my feet and see the city at the same time," Mesko said, who visited London in the spring. "I think that's the most efficient way to go about it. We went in late March and kind of walked around the whole city. We kind of instructed ourselves on the historical facts and every monument. I think I'm gonna take the easy route this time."

Whatever he does, he'll have a chance to get reacquainted with the city, and with his family. And they will have a chance to get introduced to something very important to him.

"I'm excited to show my cousins and uncles what the game's all about," Mesko said.

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