Green, Wilcox felt it was right to return to Celtics


Who says loyalty is dead in professional sports?

When Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox were given options to sign elsewhere this summer, all they had to do was look back at the team that supported them through their health scares of the last year, the team that was loyal.

"The team, they supported us with our surgeries, made sure we were OK," Jeff Green said on Saturday. "Anything we needed they were there for us. They were going through . . . trying to win a championship so I feel like it was only right for us to come back and support them."

Both Green and Wilcox underwent heart surgery last season, and while at the time of their procedures they were set to become free agents, they still felt as though they were part of the Celtics. Now they're grateful to be back.

Check out the above video to see what else they had to say.

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