Felger: NFL looking like ‘idiots' on Hardy


On Friday, it was announced that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy had his 10-game suspension, which stemmed from a domestic violence case, reduced to four games.

For those keeping score at home, that's the same amount Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received for his role in Deflategate. 

Hardy was convicted on two counts of domestic violence, which were later dropped. But Felger says the NFL looks like 'idiots' after reducing the suspension to four games.

"One day it’s 10 and the next day its four," Felger said. "I know we don’t have any faith in this process but this is why. Talk about no new information, nothing changed in this situation. Just give this up. Give up being the judge, jury and executioner. Every time one of these things comes up, you look like a bigger, bigger fool. Every one they look worse. Every one. They looked worse from [Adrian] Peterson, from [Ray] Rice, from [Tom] Brady, to this one."


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