Brother From Another

Everything to know about ‘Brother From Another' show on NBC Sports and Peacock

Michael Holley and Michael Smith co-host and produce the weekday show


Michael Holley and Michael Smith are long-time friends and sports writers who have taken their talents to the next level on "Brother From Another," a daily TV show that airs on NBC Sports and Peacock.

Holley and Smith discuss a range of topics, everything from the latest sports news to the emerging pop culture trends.

On "Brother From Another," Holley and Smith deliver their opinions, reactions, grievances, and predictions with the journalistic integrity that audiences have grown accustom to over the last two decades.

Here's what to know about "Brother From Another" on NBC Sports and Peacock:

What is "Brother From Another" about?

"Brother From Another" is a daily weekday show co-hosted by Michael Holley and Michael Smith that delves into the latest news across sports, culture, entertainment and politics from two long-time friends and journalists.

Who hosts "Brother From Another"?

"Brother From Another" is co-hosted by Michael Holley and Michael Smith. Holley, 53, is an American television and radio sports commentator, reporter and author. Holley has also written columns for the Akron Beacon Journal, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune, among others. Holley joined NBC Sports Boston in 2018 in a television role before joining Peacock in 2020 to start the show.

Smith, 44, is an American sports journalist, commentator and former TV host. Smith covered the New England Patriots and NFL for The Boston Globe from 2001 to 2004 before joining ESPN until 2019 where he held several roles, ranging from reporting to television hosting. He joined Peacock in 2020 alongside Holley to co-host the show and, in 2022, joined Amazon as a correspondent for Thursday Night Football.

When do new episodes of "Brother From Another" release?

"Brother From Another" streams live on the NBC Sports on Peacock channel ( Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. ET.

How to watch, stream "Brother From Another" on NBC Sports and Peacock

"Brother From Another" is available to stream on Peacock and the Peacock mobile app, with episodes also available to re-watch in full on the podcast's official YouTube channel. Full audio episodes are also available to listen via NBC Sports.

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