Does Rondo need time to grow into leadership role?


We've been saying it for years but do we finally mean it?

Is Rajon Rondo truly ready to take the torch and become the leader of this Celtics team? It seems he's been handed the keys. We know he's probably the team's best player at this points, but there's more to being a leader than being goodmuch more.

Gary Tanguay sat down with Tim Welsh to discuss the matter.

"I think his leadership will come in different stages," Welsh said of Rondo. "The thing is with Rondo, he's been given the leadership role from Doc Rivers, from Kevin Garnett, from Paul Pierce. They're there to support him, where in the past few years I think he wanted to be a leader but he didn't have all the qualities that a leader needs. I think he has those now. It's going to be a work in progress. It's easy to lead when you're winning; it's easy to lead when things are going well. And certainly this is going to be a question all season long: when things go bad, who will step up on and off the court?"

You have to assume that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce still have a ton of pull in the locker room, but it will be interesting to see or hear about Rondo taking charge.

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