Curran on Patriots mental toughness, defense


The Patriots walked out of New York with a convincing victory over the Jets, and now they have ten days to get themselves rested.  Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran believes the team has showed significant mental toughness over their recent stretch.

Overall, what this team has done in the span of time that it had to go to Seattle, come back home and play the Jets, then go over to Wembley and play there. They have shown a lot."  said Curran. "This is a very mentally tough team.  You don't see them making a spade of mistakes the way the Jets did."

The team may be mentally tough, but is the defense better now in comparison to earlier in the season?"

"I believe it is.  It's still going to be a team that has it's difficulties especially in coverage." continues Curran. "What Brandon Spikes brings to the field is something this team hasn't seen since Rodney Harrison went away.

"I'm not going to go give high-fives to Matt Patricia, but the defense is playing better, and I give the players a lot of credit for that."

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