Crawford taking BP; Ellsbury injury roster shuffle


BOSTONLeft fielder Carl Crawford, who is rehabbing from surgery on his left wrist and a strain in his left elbow, was still at Fenway Park Saturday afternoon after having his elbow examined earlier this week. He is expected to return to Fort Myers soon to begin playing in extended spring training games.

Hes taking BP right now, manager Bobby Valentine said before the game against the Rays. Got a good report on BP yesterday except for ball hit end of bat and stung his hand a little. Hes going back soon. In the near future.

On Friday Valentine indicated he was considering a move to reduce the pitching staff from 13 to 12. But the move was not made Saturday. Valentine explained:

There was a situation that we were kind of waiting on that now has happened so now we can move forward. There's a complicating situation that the Jacoby Ellsbury injury complicated so we decided to wait on this day, a day game, and actually there was a complicated situation in the minor leagues that complicated the situation that was making things very complicated after Jacoby complicated it even more, if you can imagine that. We almost solved it about 1;30 last night but we didnt.

Valentine said Friday he was waiting to see how Josh Beckett performed in his starteight innings, allowing one run. But on Saturday, Valentine said:

That wasnt even part of the situation. That was the why I wanted to be sure that we had enough in the bullpen and then once we saw that we were going to go. But there was something that didn't happen that could have happened, and if it happened, then

Got it?

Valentine indicated a roster move could happen on Sunday.

Could, yeah, he said. Definitely could, yeah.

Che-Hsuan Lin was called up take Ellsburys spot on the roster. It is Lins first time on a major league roster.

Its hard to describe how he feels right now, said translator Mickey Jiang. But to get a chance to play in the big leagues is his dream since he was young and finally come true. But he doesnt want to think too far away from here. Just try to do his best and help the team. Enjoy.

Lin, who was added to the 40-man roster after last season, was in big league camp this spring.

Very good defensive player, strong, accurate arm, Valentine said. Looks like he can play all three outfield spots, a good baserunner, handles the bat.

Help with bat?

I always like to think people could help us. I think this move is a little premature to say that hes ready to help us with the bat.

Valentine, though, did not necessarily think Lin would be a long-term roster solution.

Id say thats safe to say, Valentine said. But stranger things have happened.

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