Celtics need a chemistry lesson


What better way to get your burning Celtics' questions answered than by writing in to Tommy and Mike's mailbag? Before last night's Celtics-Wizards game, the boys heard from a couple of Green Teamers and doled out sage Celtics knowledge as they always do.

On if the Celtics thought the Bucks would be an easy opponent:
"I think they're very aware they need to play their best basketball at this stage in the season in order to get their chemistry together," Tommy said. "What I saw happening there was disjointed from inexperience with the system and perhaps the effects of a little layoff."

On if Leandro Barbosa should play more:
"Are you in love with Barbosa? Please!" Tommy said. "Barbosa is a get-me-back-in-the-game type of player. He's going to shoot you back in the game or he's going to shoot you out of the game. Defensively he's not going to stop anybody, but he's an aggressive offensive player and he can help you turn the game around."

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